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Barbara H Partee
23 June 1940
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Much of my bio can be found on my webpage, so I won't repeat it here. I'm an American professor of linguistics (semi-retired) dividing my time between Moscow and Amherst, and my Live Journal life has begun in Moscow and is at least initially associated with the Russian linguistics community, especially the semantics community and to some extent syntax. I write mostly in English but I read Russian mostly ok.

Note to potential "friends" in the special LiveJournal sense in which "friend" has become a verb: I would like to know who you really are, especially if you'd like to be mutual friends. Please see the nice essay written on this topic by petrark (http://petrark.livejournal.com/) here: http://petrark.livejournal.com/2690.html#cutid1, asking potential friends to let him know their identity: I agree with the sentiments expressed there. And getting in touch with me is not hard; my Live Journal profile includes my real website, and my website includes my e-mail address. Thanks!
baltimore orioles (baseball), bird watching, chamber music, classical music, cross-country skiing, dacha life, formal semantics, generalized quantifiers, grandchildren, linguistics, rostropovich, russian genitive of negation, yo-yo ma

Social capital

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